Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. When you return to a previously visited website or visit a website that uses the same cookies, that website will recognise these cookies and therefore your device. Cookies perform essential functions, such as allowing you to efficiently navigate between web pages, remembering your site preferences and generally improving your browsing experience.

Differences between first- and third-party cookies

Cookies may be used by the site you are visiting or by another site before or during your visit. These are known as first- and third-party cookies.

First-party cookies belong to the domain or subdomains of the website that is displayed in the browser's address bar. In our case, this will be "" and we may enable these cookies when you visit us so that we can identify you when you return.

Third-party cookies belong to website domains other than "" and its subdomains. Some websites may present content from third-party domains (such as advertisements), which is why you may sometimes see a Caser ad on other pages you visit after visiting our websites. Other sites may also enable cookies on your device when you visit our site. These sites will be from one of our partners.

Differences between session cookies and persistent cookies

There are two types of cookies present during a visit to our website. These are called session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are enabled at the beginning of a visit and remain active only for the duration of the visit. They mainly support browsing through the site, since they remember which pages you have visited and what interactions you may have had with the site (for example, selecting a product in our insurance calculator). These cookies are usually automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies are enabled during a first visit to a site, but will have an expiration date or time. This cookie will remain on your device until you delete your cookies or until they expire. They can be used for analytic purposes to track visits over time, for example, they allow us to determine how many people visited a particular page before coming back to see it at a later date.

How to control which cookies are used/enabled on your devices

When you first visit the site, or if you visit it after deleting your cookies, you may see this pop-up window on the web page. This cookie warning allows you to accept all cookies and continue to browse or click on Cookie Settings to change your preferences.

The Privacy Manager allows you to accept or reject the use of three of the four categories of cookies. Please note that any cookies that are strictly necessary cannot be disabled as they may prevent the effective functionality of the site.

You can visit the Privacy Manager tool at any time by clicking on this link.

Cookie Categories

There are three categories of cookies used on this website:

Necessary: These cookies are used to ensure our website functions properly and cannot be disabled. They are normally only saved in response to actions taken by the user that involve a request for services, for example, when defining privacy preferences, logging in or filling out forms. You can configure your browser to block these cookies or to inform you of their presence; however, in this case, certain parts of the website will not work.

Most of the services offered on this site require the use of cookies, such as access to the Caser customer area or medical network.

  • Privacy: the “CONSENTMGR” cookie saves your consent to downloading cookies and your setting preferences.
  • Session Cookies: They are necessary for the website to function properly. To store session data, data from the process to request a quote and take out the insurance, as well as when you log in with your user and password.
  • Tealium: Tag management tool that enables us to manage the measurement of our website and its tools in a faster, more streamlined and unified way. (


Statics: We use these cookies to analyse and identify the behaviour of our website visitors, traffic sources or to identify which pages are more or less popular. Whenever possible, we will combine your online behaviour data with the personal data you have previously provided. This data will be used to analyse behaviour on our website and to personalise your experience with Caser.

Analytics cookies: Through Adobe Analytics Omniture and Google Analytics, we collect information anonymously about how you use our website. This information includes data such as the browser you are using or the number of pages you have viewed.  

Hotjar: It is an analytics software that allows us to improve the experience with our website by analysing user behaviour on the site. Hotjar uses cookies to identify individual user visits to our site. Under no circumstances does this software have access to personal data.

Customisation: These cookies allow the website to offer extended functionality and customisation options. The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with a more personalised experience on our website, taking into account your previous visits and selections. If you do not accept these cookies, some of these services may not function properly. Adobe Target (Test A/B and multivariable): helps to improve, evolve and optimise the web content and therefore improve the user experience in future visits to the site.

Advertising: These cookies may be used and shared with our advertising partners to profile your interests and display targeted advertisements on other sites. If you do not allow these cookies, you will see less personalised advertising.

Google Doubleclick: It is a tool that uses cookies to improve advertising. In other words, they target advertising based on content and how relevant it is to a particular user like you. This allows us to improve campaign performance reports and avoid showing you ads that are not of interest to you or that you have already seen.

The ID of each DoubleClick cookie is essential for this type of application. It keeps track of which ads are shown to you in each browser. Before an ad is published, DoubleClick can use the cookie ID of the browser to check which ads have already been shown.

In addition, cookie IDs allow DoubleClick to record conversations related to ad requests, such as when you view a DoubleClick ad and then use the same browser to go to the advertiser's website and make a purchase from there.

The cookie sometimes contains an additional identifier that resembles the cookie ID. This is used to identify advertising campaigns that you have previously seen as a user.

Likewise, please note that DoubleClick does not store personally identifiable information in the cookie, only from your browser traffic.

Google Adwords & Tradedoubler: These cookies serve to determine the number of times visitors view our ads and click on them.

I'm not interested in cookies, how can I delete them?

Our Privacy Manager allows you to enable and disable all of Caser's cookies, but will not stop all cookies from other websites. To do this, you can change your settings from your browser.

The instructions vary depending on the type of browser and may change from time to time as new versions are released.

Below you can find several links to instructions for the most common browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Google Chrome


For other browsers, try searching "manage cookies on (name of browser)".


Who accesses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in the cookies is used exclusively by Caser and its partners, with the exception of Google Analytics, which is used and managed by Google and us for statistical purposes.

Changes and updates to the cookie policy

Caser may modify this Cookie Policy in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt this policy to the instructions and recommendations issued by regulators. Users are therefore recommended to review the Cookie Policy on a regular basis.

Do you have any doubts about the cookie policy?

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