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WeCAN RC Pet insurance

Do not worry about financial damages caused by your dog to third parties.

  • Civil liability up to 350.000€. 
  • Legal defence & legal expenses

WeCAN Check Pet insurance

Unlimited consultations, check-ups and emergencies free of charge, in our associated vet centres. 

  • Veterinary consultations: onsite and by video call
  •  Check-ups
  • 24-hour emergency consultations
  • Rabies vaccination 
  • Civil liability up to 350.000€
  •  Legal defence and legal expenses

WeCAN Live Pet insurance

Hospitalizations, surgeries, tests… We reimburse you 100% of vet expenses when they exceed €800, with no maximum limit.

  • Surgeries and treatments
  • Diagnostic tests 
  • Hospitalisations
  • Vets on your mobile 24/7
  • Civil liability up to 180.000€
  • Legal defence and legal expenses

Choose and find out the price of your pet insurance 

How much does pet insurance cost? With this online simulator you can find out quickly and easily. In just one step, and depending on the number of dogs or cats you want to insure, you will have the final price for your pet insurance. Remember that calculating it does not commit you to anything: once you have your price, you decide whether to hire it or not.
And if you are wondering which of the two modalities is the most suitable for your dog or cat, here we will tell you in more detail about each of them.

What else does the Caser WeCan Check Pet Insurance cover? 

  • WeCAN Check can be contracted for dogs and cats of any breed and age. Regardless of your health status.
  • What is the strong point of this insurance? It gives you free and unlimited access to check-ups, consultations and emergencies at our approved veterinary centers. And also, the annual rabies vaccine at no cost.
  • What if my pet needs a treatment, diagnostic test or intervention? WeCAN Check gives you up to 40% discount on 100 regular veterinary procedures, at participating veterinary centers.
  • And it doesn't end here. WeCAN Check rewards your love of pets by giving you up to 30% off the insurance price if you include more than one dog or cat.

What else does the Caser WeCan Live Pet Insurance cover? 

  • WeCAN Live can be contracted for dogs and cats of any breed and between 4 months and 8 years of age.
  • What is the best thing about this modality? Know that if your pet needs a diagnostic test, clinical analysis, medication, surgery or hospitalization, Caser will reimburse you 100% of what it costs you, when the total bills exceed €800. And the best of all is that the refund has no maximum limit.
  • Another strong point of WeCAN Live is that you have free choice of veterinarian. You can take your pet to any clinic in Spain. Whatever you want, you choose!
  • And also, to quickly resolve any query related to your pet's health, WeCAN Live puts the veterinarian on your mobile 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, so you can talk to him without leaving home, without your pet getting stressed in the carrier.