Calculate the price of your motorcycle Insurance.

Calculate the price of your motorcycle Insurance.

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Vehicle data
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How do I calculate the price of my motorcycle insurance?

Biker, if you know which motorcycle you drive, then you know the cost to insure it, because all we need is the model to provide you with a quote. That’s how simple our cost calculator is.

Does it take long to calculate? You’ll get your quote in just a few minutes, almost less time than it takes to put on your helmet. And of course, once you get to the end of the process, you are completely free to decide whether the policy is right for you. Calculate your motorbike insurance with absolutely no obligation!

Oh, and don’t forget that we can email the quote to you so that you can save it and avoid having to repeat the process. Although, don’t worry if you want to recalculate your quote - you are free to repeat the process as many times as needed.

Shall we get started?

What information do I need to calculate the cost of my motorcycle insurance?

You have two options to calculate the price of your motorcycle insurance:

  • The first, and quickest, is to enter your license plate number. This allows us to identify the model of your motorcycle. Next, you will have to enter the driver’s details (date of birth and issue date of the driver’s license)
  • The second option is to manually enter the model of your motorcycle.

Why do I have to enter the issue date of my driver’s license?

Because the price can vary depending on your age and the number of years of experience as a driver. Both details help determine the degree of risk. The longer you have been driving, the lower the risk, meaning your insurance may be cheaper.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to insure my motorcycle?

You must be in possession of a NIE [Foreigner’s ID Card], your driver’s license must be Spanish or validated as such, and your motorcycle must not be older than 30 years.

Can I calculate the price for all types of motorcycle insurance?

The cost calculator provides you with a quote, but also provides guidance on the different types of insurance. Depending on the driver’s details and the specifications of your motorcycle, we will provide a quote for the types of insurance that best suit your profile.

I have already calculated my price, but I entered the wrong information. Can I change it?

Yes. There is a “Your insurance” button at the bottom of the screen. Click here to change the details you have entered without having to repeat the cost calculation process. Don’t forget that you can calculate your price as many times as you like.

I now have a final price. Am I required to take out the policy?

No. Calculating the price of your motorcycle insurance does not mean that you have taken out or are required to take out the policy. Only if you wish, you can continue to take out the insurance online.

How do I save the quote? Do you email it to me?

It is very easy! At the end of the cost calculation process, we will automatically send you the quote if you click on “Save Quote” and enter your email address.

Taking out my motorcycle insurance policy

Once I have taken out the policy, what documents do I receive by email or post?

After taking out the insurance, you will receive the General and Specific Terms and Conditions as well as the Green Card by post and email.

Can I pay for my insurance in instalments?

Yes. You can pay annually, twice-yearly or quarterly, as long as the premium is more than €100 in each instalment.

Can I add more than one driver to the motorcycle insurance?

Of course! After calculating the price, if you continue to take out the insurance online, you can include a second driver to the policy.

Can the policy be taken out in the name of someone other than the main driver?

Yes. You can indicate the main driver, second driver, policy holder and motorcycle owner on the form required to take out the policy.

Am I covered by the insurance from the same day I take it out?

You are covered by the insurance from the moment you settle the premium or make the first payment in the event of instalments.