Calculate the price of your health insurance

Get your personal quotation in less than 1 minute.

Get your personal quotation in less than 1 minute.

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Calculate the Price of your Health Insurance

This is the first step in insuring the most important things: your health and that of your loved ones. Welcome to our online insurance quote calculator.

This is an online tool that allows you to get a quote for your medical insurance without leaving your home. Just some very simple, fast and automated steps.

Depending on the preferences you choose, you will be given a quote online in less than 1 minute for each type of health insurance we offer, so you can compare and choose the best for you.

In addition, with the health insurance quote calculator you will be able to calculate the price for your whole family, as it allows you to include up to 8 people in the same policy, which gives you discounts.

And of course, once you finish you will have total discretion when it comes to making your decision about taking out insurance, which you can do online. And remember, calculating your quote does not mean you are committing to anything.

How to calculate my Health Insurance

What details am I asked for to calculate my health insurance quote?

We just need to know your home province, gender, and date of birth. And if you are including more people within the policy, we need their relationship to you, their gender and their date of birth.

Why am I asked for my NIE to save the quote?

We ask for your NIE so that when saving your quote in our database we can link it to your profile. But remember, getting the quote does not mean accepting or contracting it. If you do not have a NIE, unfortunately you will not be able to save your quote, but we are working to improve this system. However, if you are happy with the quote you can continue to the contract process on the following screen without needing a NIE. To do this, we will ask for your details so that one of our agents can get in touch with you to finalize the contract.

I don’t have a NIE, but I have a passport

If you don’t have a NIE but you have a passport, you will be able to sign the contract through one of our agents as the online process doesn’t allow this at this time. To do this, once you have worked out your quote and it fits your budget, on the following screen we will ask you for the necessary details so that one of our specialist agents can contact you and you can finalize the contract of your health insurance via telephone or email.

What is the date of effect?

This indicates the day that your insurance goes into effect.

What happens if I make a mistake in some of my details?

Don't worry, you can modify your details at any time, as well as recalculate your price. But it is very important that the details you give us are the real ones, because that way the price of your health insurance will be the right one for you.

Can I modify the details once I have finished calculating my quote?

Yes, and the tool recalculates your quote based on the new details given.

Does calculating my quote mean I am committing to anything?

Not at all. One of the great benefits of the tariff calculator is that once you have your draft we give you total freedom to make a decision. Using this tool does not oblige you to take out insurance.

Can I save the quote given?

Of course. We give you the option to send yourself an email with the quote and even print it at the end. This way we avoid you having to recalculate it unnecessarily.

But can I only calculate my quote once?

No, you can repeat the calculation as many times as you like.

Can I split the payment of my insurance?

Yes, the calculator allows you to select different forms of payment: annual, monthly, half-yearly and quarterly.

Taking out your health insurance

What are the necessary requirements to be able to take out health insurance?

  • Be younger than 69 years old.
  • Have a bank account in Spain.
  • Have a Spanish address.
  • Have a NIE/NIF or passport.

What details do I need in order to take out insurance online?

You are asked for some basic personal details. And subsequently, bank details, as the insurance payment is made by direct debit.

I want to take out health insurance to get the NIE

If you need a health insurance to obtain the NIE, at Caser we offer our Adapta + Dental health insurance, which doesn’t have copayments, and you can take it out quickly and easily. Just give us your details and one of our agents will contact you.

Once the contract process finishes, will the confirmation and documents be sent to me by email or post?

Yes, once you have taken out your insurance you will receive the General and Particular Conditions via email, as well as the Medical Form. Afterwards, we will send the Welcome Pack to your home, with the printed documentation and your insurance card.

Can I use the insurance from the same day that I take out the insurance online?

Yes, while taking out the contract you are asked to choose the date of effect (the day that your policy will begin). But remember that in order to register your insurance, the policy must have been paid in advance.